Originally formed in 1994 as a fund raising effort for St. Alban's Church, the Waterside Summer Music Festival has evolved into an independent not-for-profit organization  determined to present music of high quality in the wonderful settings that Amherst Island provides.

The original WaterSide Summer Festival committee:
Jan Sneep (President and Ticket Master)
Diane Hieatt (Musical Director)
Dave Hieatt (Secretary / Treasurer)
Caroline Yull (Marketing)

These people managed to pull off an amazing first season of five incredibly well attended concerts.

Over the years many others joined us for various seasons to offer what assistance they could Lyn Fleming, Dick and Ardis Shurtleff, Dorothy McGinn, Bobbi and Michael Shaw, Janet Grace, Andrea Cross and Bruce Burnett, Andy and Lisa Chisholm, John Schutzbach and Inka Brockhausen, Kirsten Bennick, Bernice Gould and Neil Johnston.  Even Hans and Erica Krauklis were active in passing out flyers in the early days.  As you can tell we have had the help of many wonderful people throughout the years.
For the 2000 season Inka Brockhausen, who was the lead performer in our very first concert (Wassermusik), took on the role of President and Music Director from Diane Hieatt whose fledgling Real Estate career started to provide additional time constraints in her life.

While there obviously was a strong association with St Alban's during the first season, in order to pursue different sources of funding and broaden our appeal to other groups of volunteers and sponsors we started to operate more and more at arms length.  By the 2001 season we had become a fully independent organization.  In 2005, Beverley Harris became Music Director.  The Waterside Summer Series receives administrative support as part of the Recreation program of Loyalist Township.